SafeAir® Smoke Pencil
Diathermy pencil
with integrated smoke evacuation
SafeAir® Telescopic Smoke Pencil

Precision and Protection
No need for accessories

SafeAir – Surgery without Smoke

Smoke prohibited

Surgical smoke is the unavoidable by-product of electrosurgical procedures. It is caused by the cauterization of tissue with the electrosurgical device, and rapidly spreads across the entire operating room affecting surgeons, nurses and other staff present.

Surgical smoke impairs the surgeon’s vision during the procedure and may lead to serious health problems for operating room staff, who are continuously exposed to surgical smoke at their place of work.

In Scandinavia surgical smoke evacuation is regulated and commonly applied practice. SafeAir is a spin-off of LiNA Medical who pioneered surgical smoke evacuation in Scandinavia form the early 1990’s.

SafeAir Smoke Evacuation is designed to remove surgical smoke at its source using the SafeAir Smoke Pencil with integrated smoke evacuation and the powerful yet silent SafeAir Smoke Evacuator.


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