SafeAir® Smoke Pencil

SafeAir® Telescopic Smoke Pencil

SafeAir® Smoke Evacuator compact

SafeAir® Electrodes

SafeAir Product Range

SafeAir offers effective evacuation of electrosurgical smoke for the benefit of all operating room staff. SafeAir Smoke Evacuation System consists of the SafeAir Smoke Pencil, a disposable state-of-the-art diathermy pencil with integrated smoke evacuation, complemented by the SafeAir Smoke Evacuator and a range of SafeAir Electrodes suitable for different types of electrosurgical procedures.

SafeAir Smoke Evacuation system is easy to set-up and comfortable to use by the surgeon.


SafeAir® Telescopic Smoke Pencil
Precision and Protection
No need for accessories


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