SafeAir® Electrodes

SafeAir Smoke Pencil is suitable for a wide range of electrosurgical procedures. Pick your choice of SafeAir Electrodes and matching suction tips to fit your individual requirements.

Suitable for a wide range of surgeries

SafeAir Electrodes range comprises standard and specialized electrodes in different lengths and versions including coated and non-coated blade electrodes, needle, ball and gynaecological electrodes.

Combined with the matching suction tip SafeAir Smoke Pencil evacuates surgical smoke at the point of source and creates a clear vision at the surgical site.

Improved coating

Non-stick SafeAir coating

SafeAir coated electrodes feature the non-stick SafeAir coating which reduces the build-up of eschar during electrosurgical procedures. It makes the electrode easy to wipe clean. Less time is spent on cleaning.

Stable positioning

Stable positioning inside the SafeAir Smoke Pencil

The pentagon connector on the SafeAir Electrode allows five stable positions inside the SafeAir Smoke Pencil and prevents the electrode from twisting during the electrosurgical procedure.


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