SafeAir® Smoke Evacuator compact

Effective and quiet evacuation of surgical smoke during electrosurgical procedures in combination with SafeAir Smoke Pencil. Now in half the size!

Smoke Pencil

Effective smoke evacuation at source

SafeAir Smoke Pencil is most effective in combination with SafeAir Smoke Evacuator compact. Upon activation via pencil, foot pedal or evacuator, SafeAir Smoke Evacuator compact provides instant maximum suction at the tip of the SafeAir Smoke Pencil thanks to its powerful vacuum technology.

Noxious electrosurgical smoke particles and unpleasant odour are removed from the operating room providing the surgeon clear vision in the surgical field.


Quiet in use

SafeAir Smoke Evacuator compact operates on vacuum technology with minimal sound. This results in effective surgical smoke evacuation and minimal noise disturbance for the operating room staff.


Compact size

Now available in half the size and weight compared to SafeAir Smoke Evacuator but with the same effective smoke evacuation performance. The suction power can be individually adjusted on a 10-step scale.

Synchronize SafeAir Smoke Evacuator compact to any type of electrosurgical unit by running the cable of the electrosurgical pencil through its pop-out sensor.


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