SafeAir® Smoke Pencil

State-of-the-art diathermy pencil with fully integrated smoke evacuation suitable for a wide range of electrosurgical procedures.

Precise handling

SafeAir Smoke Pencil allows for precise handling thanks to its slim design and optimized tactile feedback. The extra-light flexible tubing with fully integrated cable enables axial rotation. It gives the surgeon maximum flexibility and undisturbed maneuverability during procedures. In short, SafeAir Smoke Pencil follows the hand of the surgeon.

Smoke Pencil

Effective smoke evacuation at source

SafeAir Smoke Evacuation System creates clear vision at the surgical site. In combination with SafeAir Smoke Evacuator, SafeAir Smoke Pencil provides instant maximum suction at the tip of the pencil upon activation.

Surgical smoke is captured through the wide suction opening and aspiration channel of SafeAir Smoke Pencil into the SafeAir Smoke Evacuator. The adjustable transparent suction tip allows for undisturbed visibility.

SafeAir Smoke Pencil is most effective in combination with SafeAir Smoke Evacuator.

Suitable for a wide range of surgeries

SafeAir Smoke Pencil is suitable for a wide range of surgeries: Four different lengths of suction tips are available to adjust SafeAir Smoke Pencil to requirements of different types of electrosurgical procedures. SafeAir Electrodes range includes standard and specialised electrodes in different lengths and versions.

SafeAir Smoke Pencil is also compatible with most frequently used electrodes in the market.

Smoke Pencil suction

Versatile Usage

SafeAir Smoke Pencil is compatible with most standard electrosurgical units and smoke evacuation units used in hospitals. SafeAir Smoke Pencil makes liquid suction possible thanks to the dual connector of the tubing that fits either a 22mm filter inlet or a 8mm inlet of a collection bottle.


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