Smoke Pencil

Precision and Protection
No need for accessories

Enabling surgical precision …

Keeps clear view on the surgical site
Ergonomic pencil with ultra-flexible tubing
Activation buttons close to tip for more control

… and protecting staff and patients

Effective evacuation of smoke plumes at source
No need for accessories, no loose parts in the surgical field

Telescopic function…

Extend the length of SafeAir® Telescopic Pencil by up to 120mm. Pull out the suction sleeve to the desired length and secure the position by twisting the green lockring. To re-adjust the length unlock the position by twisting the lockring into the opposite direction, modify the length and secure again.

Adjustable suction tip…

Adjust the suction tip by pulling it forward and closer to the source of surgical smoke. We recommend the suction tip in front position to capture smoke on open surface. When working inside cavities the suction tip can be pushed back again.




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